Media Team

Every week at Hiland Park, there is a team of 12-15 volunteers running lights, cameras, sound and video equipment, and taking care of an array of other technical aspects of our Sunday morning worship services. The goal of the Media Ministry is to remove distractions and to foster an environment where people can worship freely and hear the Word of God preached. We are always looking for more volunteers who are technologically-minded and have a heart for service, to help in this vital ministry of our church.

Our media team is broken into four areas:

  • Audio: Handle all audio needs of the worship team and congregation.
  • Video: Capture each service on video for viewing on our website and DVD. This includes camera operators and a video director.
  • Lighting: Design and program lights to create a worshipful environment in each service.
  • Support: Creatively program and attentively run the projection screens for each service.

Media Ministry is looking for volunteers! If you are detail oriented and enjoy working with electronics, this may be the ministry for you.

To request more information, send an email to