What is Sports Ministry? 
In today’s culture, sports are idolized and leisure time has become increasingly more important to people in the U.S. Sports have become predominant in many ways even for church members who are likely to miss opportunities to share life with other believers in the community of faith. Sports ministry, then, is a tool to connect people to a church family through the avenue of sports and recreation.


What does it look like for Hiland Park?
Hiland Park is expanding it’s adult sports ministry and children’s sports ministry. We seek to establish relationships with men and women, boys and girls, who have a love for sports and recreation. We hope to pursue these relationships for two major reasons. One is that we might share the love of God and the salvation that he offers us through the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. For those who have already received the free gift of salvation, we hope to encourage and connect them to a church for discipleship and spiritual multiplication.


How can you take part?
There are many ways that you can take part in Hiland Park Sports Ministry. For those of you who play, use these teams to meet new people and build Christ-centered relationships! For those who watch, feel free to go to games and cheer on the teams in the name of Christ! For everyone else, encourage players in their relationships with Christ. Promise to pray for the team’s safety and that people might be brought into a personal relationship with Christ!

For more information you may contact:
Anthony Luppino aluppino@hilandpark.org