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Over the past several years church leaders have seen one report after another stating that over 50% of evangelical kids walk away from Christianity as adults. Believing the best strategy for turning the tide is to strengthen families, Hiland Park’s Pastors seek to challenge leaders to restore their homes as the proving ground of meaningful success.

It Starts at Home upholds marriage and family as the proving ground for lasting success. It helps recalibrate a leader’s priorities by asking them to evaluate their leadership where it counts most. Experienced leaders, speakers, and pastors Kurt Bruner and Steve Stroope provide a clear purpose, an effective strategy, and a simple plan for couples, parents, grandparents, and church leaders in this movement toward intentionality in the home.

Download our 120 Day Assessment to access your level of intentionality over the past 120 days. Also mark each topic in the “Family Seasons” section relevant to our home and find tools to become intentional at the Lifeline center.

We believe that God designed the family as the primary place for discipleship. The FAITH PATH initiative exists to partner with you as you guide your child’s faith journey one step at a time. Take advantage of the following links to begin the process in your family.

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