Life Groups (also known as Sunday School Classes) are a chance for you to get to know other believers. They range in ages and walks of life- from birth all the way to senior adults. Life Groups meet on Sunday mornings at various times. Check the listings below to find which Life Group might be right for you. If you still aren't sure, ask one of the greeters in the lobby. 


 9:15 am Life Groups


College/Career – Anthony Luppino – College House

Young Adults – Mike Horsley – A-140

Co-Ed 1 Marriage & Parenting – Bill Husfelt – A-135

Co-Ed 2– Loren Flood – C-210

Co-Ed 3 – Randy Spear – C-206

Co-Ed 4 - Ray Morse - B-104

Co-Ed 5 – Terry Kirkland – Choir Room

Co-Ed 6 – Wayne Givens / Mitch Flanagan – B-101

Single Moms – Christy Armistead A-137

Ladies 1 – Hazol Carter / Wanda Strickland A-133

Ladies 2 – Ruth Keeney – A-138

Men 1 – Jimmy Black / Cliff West– A-136

10:45 am Life Groups

Young Adults – Dave Jackson – C-206

Young Adult Singles (22-30) – C-210

Young Married Couples  – Luke & Ashley Walker - C-212

Co-Ed 1 – Charles Gunter – B-101

Co-Ed 2 – Mike West / Bill Collins – Choir Room

Co-Ed 3 – Craig & Kim Walker – A-137

Co-Ed Adults – Jim Slone / Alan Moore – A-133

Ladies 1 – Myra Simmons – A-138

Ladies 2 – Jo Anna Lundy – A-140

Ladies 3 – Sara Diamond / Bettye Mathis – A-135

Men 1 – Freddie Simmons - A-136


9:15 Life Groups

6th Grade Guys

Robbie Martin


6th Grade Girls

Sarah Byram

Charlie Byram


7th - 8th Grade Guys

Mark Griffin

Jay Nunez


7th - 8th Grade Girls

Jenn Tucker

Rachel Griffin

Jessica Henderson


9th-10th Grade Guys

Kirk Harrell


9th-10th Grade Girls

Karen Harrell

Luisette Nunez


11th-12th Grade Guys

Denny Childs

Brad Lashley


11th-12th Grade Girls

Alecia Lashley

Sandy Childs

10:45 Life Groups

All Grades

Jared Burleson

Morgan Burleson





























9:15am Life Groups

Babies-Preschool - Preschool A and Preschool B Hallway

Kindergarten-5th Grade - Upstairs Children's Area 


10:45am Life Groups

Babies-Preschool - Preschool A and Preschool B Hallway

(Babies through Preschool are welcome to stay in their classrooms during the 10:45 hour so that parents can attend worship or Life groups) 

3-4 year olds - Kids Worship

Kindergarten-3rd Grade - Kid's Worship 

Kids Worship lets children enjoy worship "kids style" in the fellowship hall. Worship Leaders will bring Bible stories to life and bring the day's truths home in a way that kids will understand.  School age children will watch attention holding, life application videos that speak to them in their own language and show them how God's word relates to their lives today! K-3rd Grade will be picked up in their life group classes in the upstairs Children's Sunday School Classes to go to kids worship after the 3 & 4 year olds are through.

4th-5th Graders - Coed Hallway Room C-200 

 (4th and 5th Grade are encouraged to attend one Sunday School and one corporate Worship Service with their parents)