Blessings in a Backpack

Many children do not have enough food to eat on the weekend. Each week volunteers at Hiland Park prepare hundreds of “backpacks” full of food for children in need. You can help by packing the bags on Tuesday mornings in Hope Hall or you can pick up a Blessings in a Backpack envelope at the Missions Table and give to this wonderful ministry!

Disaster Relief

When a natural disaster strikes, we can show Jesus to those who are affected. Being part of the Disaster Relief Team means you are trained and prepared for any disaster that comes your way, and can aid those around you. 

Helping Hands

is a group who goes out into the community to help those who are physically handicapped. Their main task is to build wheelchair ramps so that people have an easier time getting to and from their homes.


Kids need someone they can count on. Each week we have a lunch buddy program where you bring lunch to a local student and just spend time getting to know them. Pour into someone who needs encouragement and love through our mentoring program. 

Shoes for Souls

Throughout the school year many children do not have adequate shoes. This ministry allows individuals to go into the schools and give children in need shoes. Shoes for Souls is being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in Bay County.

Stitch to Sow

Stitch to Sow makes quilts and pillowcases for those in need. They use their sewing skills to do various community-based projects.